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Environment and Pocket-Friendly Ways to Heat-up your Home.

There are Eco-Friendly solutions to stay warm

Warm and relaxing

Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Warm. (Photo Credits: Joy Banerjee, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Heating the home has both environmental and economic repercussions, hence more individuals are trying to be conscious about what their home heating requirements may cost Mother Earth, and their bank accounts. Ace Plumber Review San Diego

Website realized this as it shared various ways of heating your home, and making it comfortable during winter months while still being environment-friendly. “Using the earth’s fossil fuels as a means of heating has a negative impact in more than one area. This includes global warming, increased risk of oil spills, air pollution, and increased amounts of acid rain, all of which are detrimental to the environment. Fortunately, there are green, or environmentally friendly solutions for heating your home during the chilly times of year. Your options consist of geothermal heating, pellet stoves, solar heating, and masonry heaters. Let’s learn more about each type of heating that can help you make the decision on the best way to heat your home while staying green.” BDP Air Conditioning Contractor San diego

San Diego Drain Cleaning Team. Read about the various eco-friendly ways to heat up your home here. meanwhile reported that a British tech start-up is exploring the idea of heating homes using some sort of server radiators. Plumber repair service Carlsbad. According to the BBC report, the start-up company is eyeing the heat being generated by servers to be used in heating homes. “Nerdalize’s solution is, effectively, to spread their data centre across domestic homes linked by fibre-optic cable. The excess heat can then be used instead of going to waste. The radiators take a little longer than average to heat up – about an hour, Waardhuizen says – and a single unit won’t be enough to heat a room in mid-winter. But, after a small set-up fee, the heat is completely free to users.”

Del Mar Plumber Company. Read more here. is one website that shared the many experiences of families who choose to hold off on heating while they still can because of the astronomical heating cost recent colder winters bring. A/C And HVAC. “Some of us try to call it “thriftiness” but that’s just a fancy way of saying we’re cheap. And there’s nothing we complain about more than heating bills in the winter. Depending on whether you have oil, electric, propane, or what have you, a Massachusetts heating bill during a cold snap can easily cost upward of $600 a month. Not to mention the cost of snow removal (minimum $50 per plow visit) depending on the length of your driveway.” Plumbing Association of San Diego

Read more of this article here.

So what are your ways to save up on heating costs and at the same time reduce your family’s carbon footprint?

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bath Tub Trends

Solitary and Free-Standing Tubs Dominate Current Tub Trends

Bath tubs nowadays provide the ultimate-me time to a  busy individual. (Photo Credits: Jessie Essex, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the bath tub has become one of the easiest, and most accessible Zen-fixes for busy bodies. Bath tub designs have evolved, and the latest trend is basically a free-standing and solitary tub. San Diego Plumber Price

The Chicago Tribune, in its website, described the latest bath tub trends as self-supporting and free standing, and allows for single person soaking. “Preference also are trending away from large whirlpool bathtubs, as overall housing trends gravitate toward smaller, more efficient homes that consume fewer resources. Eco-conscious homeowners appreciate the conservation aspects of smaller soaking tubs, which generally use less water and energy to fill.” HVAC And Air San Diego, CA

Drain Cleaning and unClogging san diego, ca. Read more on the trends here.

This video from shows its readers what the trend looks like, and they too agree that minimalist, and single solitary tubs are what’s in for the moment. Plumber in Chula Vista California

Plumber repair encinitas. Watch the video here. echoes the same advice for those building new homes or remodeling their bathrooms. Plumbing. “The tub tucked away in your home’s master bathroom is so much more than a place to get clean. It’s a calming refuge and therapeutic retreat after a busy, high-pressure day. Tub trends indicate that bathtubs are primarily used for soaking, while shower time is mainly for cleansing. The soaking tub has become the destination for relaxation amid today’s fast-paced lifestyles.”

Central Heating. Read more here.

Will you be comfortable with such kind of tub, and will you consider installing a tub featuring any of the above-mentioned design trends?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Do you know how to make one in case of an emergency?

Do-It-Yourself Space Heater

Day 190: Cutting up cans

Do you know how to make a DIY Heater in case of emergencies? (Photo Credits: Q Family, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

One will never know when a heating emergency will strike, hence having a know-how on how to temporarily keep warm could save a household from the perils of freezing. San diego, California Plumber Near Me has featured an easy way to make a do-it-yourself emergency heater. Air Conditioning San Diego, California. “It can be made using only three components: a simple roll of toilet paper, a soup can and 70% isopropyl alcohol. Once you’re done, this project is capable of heating a room, it’s great for cooking, it can be used during an emergency, and also for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or hunting.” Sink and Drain San Diego, CA

Watch the video here.

If you however are not in an emergency but just needs heat in a smaller space, or would like to warm up a bathroom that does not get completely warmed up by the central heater then you may want to try this. says this heater made of terra cotta pots will not only keep you warn, it could even lower your electricity bill. Rancho Bernardo Plumber Ace Contractors

City of El cajon Plumber. Read the whole story here.

If you want something more long-term, collated seven ways to heat up a space in your house using soda cans. Plumbing. “I’ve included what I feel are the best designs that merit a look and some interesting ideas that you could adapt for your own purposes.” Air conditioning A/C

Read the whole list here.

Whether the purpose is for emergency, lowering electricity bills, or just a simple random need, having the know-how on making an emergency heater is not a bad idea at all.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

What to do when the Handyman in you Urges you to do a DIY?

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Plumbing

Changing the tap

What if the Handyman in you urges you to fix that drain or install that outdoor sink? (Photo Credits: Mila Sample, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Plumbing is definitely best left to professionals. Some hobbyists, and homeowners though would like to try their hands on plumbing given the many instructional videos uploaded over at Youtube, and the many home improvement blogs that encourage the handyman in you to do just that. 24 hour Plumber BDP San Diego, CA
Air Conditioning San Diego County. For instance, this DIY instructional on how to go about installing an outdoor kitchen sink. “Most people want a grill on their deck or patio. Adding a small sink nearby helps with food preparation and reduces trips in and out of the house. Plus, a gas barbecue unit that’s built into a tiled countertop gives the cook plenty of convenient cooking and prep space.” Drain Cleaning in San diego, CA by BDP

Emergency Plumber Oceanside. Read the detailed instructions here. meantime shared in its website a DIY Kitchen Sink that can be used during outdoor activities like camping. BDP Plumber Escondido, CA. “Last year I started working on a light weight portable camp kitchen with a working sink and water attachment .During the winter I had a chance to tweak it for my own personal needs.” Plumbing information

Read the whole story here.

But if you are the type who would rather leave everything up to the expert, and would rather explore creative DIY Ideas, you may want to head on over at There a detailed instructional on how to make a decorative kitchen piece can be used using a common plumbing material – pipe straps. Plumbing Association. “I found some cool looking copper pipe straps and used them in a piece of DIY art for my kitchen.”

Read the whole guide here.

If DIY Kitchen plumbing intimidates you but you still want to have an outlet for your creative juices, look around your house to find some old plumbing materials that could be upcycled.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Be mindful of what goes down the kitchen sink drain

How to Combat Kitchen Plumbing Emergencies

we interrupt your regularly scheduled program

What to do when faced with a plumbing emergency? (Photo Credits: Out of Ideas, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Plumbing emergencies usually happen in the kitchen. And why not? Food particles, grease, and what have you always end up in the kitchen sink. Emergency Plumber San Diego CA. So what can a helpless homeowner do while waiting for the friendly neighborhood plumber? shares ways on how to prevent kitchen plumbing issues. “If you feel as though you’re a little bit handy, you can climb up under the kitchen sink and there’s going to be this p-trap where you can loosen up fittings – make sure you have a bowl underneath the trap – where you pull down and release any clogs that happen within the trap. You can pull this off and clean it out right there.”

Read more tips here.

Kitchen plumbing emergencies can certainly get worse. Take a look at this video uploaded in youtube by archieluxury, and see how bad could it get once kitchen drains get backed up. BDP Air Conditioner Service San Diego. The video may seem funny, but those who have been through something like this certainly know that backed up drains are no laughing matter. San diego Drain Cleaners

Emergency Plumber Chula Vista. Watch the video here. meantime shares tips on how to ensure that your home pipes will remain in good working condition especially during the winter season. BDP Plumber service Carlsbad “Winter’s freezing temperatures can affect pipes in your kitchen and bathrooms and near outer walls, in basements, attics, and crawl spaces. Add extra insulation to exposed pipes and open cabinet doors to enable warm air to reach enclosed pipes. If the weather is extremely cold, allow water to drip from both cold and hot faucets overnight to prevent pipes from freezing.” A/C And HVAC

Read all of the tips here.

Regular maintenance, and being mindful of what goes down the drain helps a lot in keeping plumbing emergencies at bay. Plumbing. When all else fails leave the job to the professionals, and just make sure not to commit the same mistakes again.


BlueDiamondDrain Cleaning Service in SAn Diego

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Upcycling Used Pipes

How to give your home or office an additional storage using old pipes.


Yes, you can upcycle old pipes too. (Photo Credits: BChristensen93, cc: Some Rights Reserved)
Re-piping the home surely has a lot of benefits for the homeowner. One advantage though that is not explored is the upcycling of used pipes.
Plumber near me san diego. For instance, has gathered a tutorial of how to use upcycled pipes as industrial-looking clothes keeper, and shelves. BDP A.C Servicing and Repair San Diego. “Repurposed piping can be an ideal material for creating your own furniture and lighting fixtures, and it instantly gives an interior an industrial steampunk feel. The way in which pipes logically fit together to form joints, along with the baseplates that can be simply fixed to a wall, make piping a surprisingly easy medium to work with for forming the structures of furniture pieces.” BDP HVAC

Read about the upcycling ideas here. San Marcos Plumber Services

Ace Plumber Encinitas, CA. shows as well home décor and functional pieces that can be made using old pipes. “The quirky cool assortment features various pipe shelves and chandelier with built in lighting, all with that industrial, honest grit…Let this great hack inspire some pipe hacks of your own!” Air Conditioning

See her upcycled creations here.

Old PVC pipes can also be made into shoe organizers. HVAC Info. listed her creative do-it-yourself ideas in her post about using old pies as organizational tools for the home. See the whole idea and instructional demo here.
So the next time you would re-pipe, or see old pipes lying around, think if you need shelving space and make use of the above-mentioned creative ideas.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Drain Cleaning

Ace Contractors San Diego Drain Cleaning Service

Serving the larger San Diego, CA area, Ace Contractors drain cleaning is dedicated to delivering a

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Commercial Sink Drain Cleaning

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Drain Cleaning Services has not limited its service horizon to feature only plumbing, but also a

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San Diego Ace Contractors Plumber

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Trends in Bathroom Plumbing Design

Style, Functionality, and Health-Features Influence Current Trends

A bathroom worth cleaning :-)

The Modern Bathroom — Sleek and Functional. (Photo Credits: Brett Jordan, cc: Some Rights Reserved)


Nowadays, plumbing is no longer just a functional system in a home, it also makes a house lovelier and better-looking.
Trends on plumbing design, particularly in bathrooms, have become more and more sophisticated as of late. San Diego Plumber Location says the trendy color for bathrooms right now is grey. “If you’re planning a modern bathroom, we’d recommend using subtle hints of grey around the room such as border tiles or perhaps using grey mosaic tiles on a single wall. Using grey bathroom furniture to complement this would then add a reserved, minimalist look that is right on-trend.” BDP Air Conditioner Repair San Diego
Read more of the article here.

Homeartisansofindiana meantime has observed that more and more homes are opting for larger shower areas, and have been omitting the standard bath tub. BDP HVAC. “Those who do keep a bathtub usually install a freestanding design. In powder bathrooms, styles are veering away from transitional and into experimental urban. Plumbing is coming through the wall, and sporting unique wall mounts.” Read the rest of the article here. Plumber in Escondido BDP

Ace Plumber El Cajon, CA. meanwhile says the need for “touchless technology” continues to rule plumbing trends, particularly for bathrooms. They say, it does not only allow for a hands-free experience, it also lessens the spreading of germs. “In the bathroom, a touchless toilet allows the user to wave their hand above the toilet to flush it. After they’re finished, the toilet lid will automatically close without slamming.” Plumber Wiki
Read the rest of the write-up here.

Plumbing Association. With this, one can say that new trends in bathroom design does not only pave the way for better-looking and more efficient bathrooms. It also gives way to a healthier one.


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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Intense Heat Encourages Creativity for DIY Aircon ‘Inventors’

D-I-Y Air-conditioning Has Never Been Cooler

Day 41 | 12 May 2008

With the help of ice, DIY Air conditioners get the job done. (Photo Credits: Shereen M, cc: Some Rights Reserved)


Ace Plumbers of San Diego. Air Conditioning has become very indispensable in most households, especially in areas with very hot and humid weather. It brings comfort to the home and the family, as the heat makes everyone sweaty and uncomfortable. BDP Air conditioning Servicing San Diego

This need for air conditioning has prompted more creative and resourceful individuals to come up with their own versions of energy and cost efficient versions of air conditioners. BDP HVAC

Chula Vista Plumber Location. Take the case of this Do-It-Yourself Solar Powered Air Conditioning Unit featured over at “The ‘cool’ comes from an ice/water reservoir stored in a thermos. Copper tubing is used as a heat exchanger, a small water pump moves the ice water and a small fan distributes the cool air.”

Ace Plumber Carlsbad. CA. See the materials needed, and the full step-by-step guide here. meanwhile featured 15 hilarious DIY air conditioners. The improvised air conditioners range from ice blocks attached to electric fans, up to window-type air conditioners mounted on cars. They labelled the post: “People who will go to extreme lengths to be cool in the summertime.”

A/C And HVAC. See all the photos of the Funny DIY projects here.
Not everything though could end up funny. In Cambodia two men were killed after they try to repair air conditioners in a casino. reported “The two men who worked for the CTS air conditioner repair company in Phnom Penh, had been called to the Pailin Flamingo Casino Hotel to fix a number of floor-standing air conditioners that had broken down when the explosion occurred. Both men suffered severe burns, resulting in one man dying at the scene and the other whilst on the way to a hospital in Thailand about an hour later.” OSHA Plumbers.

Read the whole article here.

When you feel so frustrated and uncomfortable due to the hot weather, you can always be creative and try ways to cool yourself. Always make sure though that safety will remain your priority in doing DIY work.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Air Conditioners of the Future

How will an air conditioner look like 10-15 years from now?


Portable Air Conditioner (Photo Credits: Emilian Robert Vicol cc: Some Rights Reserved)

The air conditioner and HVAC  is a very indispensable feature inside the home especially during the summer months. And while the summer heat gets more intense each year, manufacturers of air conditioners have no other choice but to improve on their respective products.

But what does the future hold for air conditioners? How will air conditioners look like ten years from now? Will we still need them in the future? Or will they be replaced by a new invention that will make the air much cooler inside the homes during fiery summer months? shared two developments which essentially give a peek on the future of air conditioning. This include “cooling walls” that make us of hydrogels as cooling agents; and then sound waves being used to cool freezers. Since both technologies do not need electricity, these effectively reduces a household or business establishment’s carbon footprint. “Although at the early stages, the general consensus is that it won’t be long until this technology will be available on the market.”

Read more on the article here.

Architecture website also mentioned yet another development that could very well be the future of air conditioning. According to them, personal rainclouds could just be the future of air conditioning. Personal rain clouds employ the same idea as that of evaporative air coolers, only much better. “The Cloud Cast comprises a ceiling-mounted canopy of thin aluminum jets, each one equipped with an ultrasonic sensor for detecting motion à la whale-to-whale communication. An ultrasound signal is sent and if an echo is received in a given window of time, the object is deemed sufficiently near and hydro-valves in the spray jet activate to lightly mist the passerby.”

A List of Our Air Conditioning Repair and Servicing Areas in San Diego County

Read the whole article here.

But what better way to prepare for the future of air conditioning, than to invest in the future of young engineers? Mitsubishi Electric has recently unveiled its apprenticeship program for air conditioning engineers. “Along with our partners, we recognize the importance of developing the engineers of the future to ensure that we can continue to meet market demand as an industry,” the company representative said. Read the whole article here.

A scientist from Stanford University meantime has another idea: To put Mirrors on the roofs of buildings to reflect the Sun’s Heat back to space. explains that this technology reduces the temperature in the building by up to 5 degrees Celsius. “It consists of a multi-layered material that is just 1.8 millionths of a meter thick, thinner than the thinnest aluminum foil. This material is made of seven layers of silicon dioxide and hafnium oxide on top of a layer of silver. The internal structure of the material radiates incoming infrared rays back into space.”


Read the whole explanation here.

In developing countries, more and more people are becoming dependent to air conditioning as their income level rises. And why not, the many benefits of air conditioning are almost endless especially in tropical climates.

Over at, the author enumerated five benefits of having an air conditioning system in the house especially when there are children. She mentioned that it cleans the air that the family breathes, reduces incidences of allergies, it promotes a good night’s sleep, better complexion, and generally reduces the stress brought about by the hot weather. “Air conditioning units essentially cleanse the air of the room that they are situated in. As such, this can help banish problems of allergens, thus helping your child to breathe easily.” Read her article here.

If you are now considering to buy an air conditioner, here is what you have to know. says it is important that you determine your personal home requirements before heading off the store or calling a contractor. This way you are clear about what you want, and not just get swayed by sales people. Here are some of the guide questions mentioned at the website: “Is the air conditioning needed for the entire house, or mostly for a single room? Additionally, how often will it be used? If air conditioning is only needed occasionally for a small area, a temporary in-window model might be more appropriate, as it can be removed when not necessary. On the other hand, if permanent air conditioning is needed for the entire home, a larger solution might be needed.”

Read the whole guide here.

After purchasing an air conditioning unit the next best thing to do is to make sure that the air conditioning will be installed properly so you could fully take advantage of its benefits.

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