Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Secret Stories of the Toilet Flush

The Toilet Flush Could be Extraordinary Sometimes too.

Urine-diversion flush toilets

A routine thing that became extraordinary to some. Photo Credits

Flushing the toilet is just one automatic thing any individual does, but for kids, it could sometimes be a magical process. After all, how can something just suddenly disappear right?

This boy featured over at was adorably sad as he said goodbye to his pet goldfish.

“It can be hard for a little kid to fully understand the concept of death, which is probably why I was led to believe my goldfish lived for four years before by parents informed me there had actually been seven of them. The kid in this video, however, does what he can to keep it together while paying respect to his goldfish in the only acceptable way — throwing it in the toilet and watching it circle the drain in an incredibly transparent visual metaphor. It’s what he would have wanted.”

Watch the video here.

Flushed alive

This newborn infant however almost lost a chance to live after his parents flushed him out in the toilet as posted in the website

“Residents living in a building in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province in China reported a sound of a baby crying right at their public restroom. Firefighters immediately came to respond and they were all shocked with what they found out.”

Watch the dramatic rescue video here. OSHA Plumbers

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In Portland, Oregon over at the United States there is no drama in flushing toilets, just energy. Website featured turbines powered by flushing toilets.

“Hydoelectric turbines have been installed in one of the main water pipelines in Portland, Oregon, utilizing the water pressure to produce electricity. The turbines work where water is flowing downhill, and are already recouping some of the energy cost in keeping the water system running.  When fully in place, these pipe generators can power hundreds of thousands of homes. Gregg Semler, CEO of Lucid Energy, followed his dream of ‘helping water become more sustainable’ by developing this smart piping system.  Not only are they electricity generators, they also have state of the art sensors to detect change in water pressure to keep pipes from bursting, and the ability to detect if drinking water is contaminated.”

Read the rest of the story here.

At least to others, what an ordinary thing could be extraordinary in some circumstances. Plumbing Info

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Water Sprinklers and How People Use Them

All About Water Sprinklers

home is where the sprinkler is

The water sprinkler and its many uses. Photo Credits

Watering your lawn is easier when you have an automated sprinkler system.

Media outfit NBC News reported that a greener and more sustainable option is being eyed in California.

“The plush, green lawns that dot the cities and suburbs of California are in danger. New restrictions meant to cut water use by 25 percent amid a four-year drought could force home owners to let their grass go brown — unless new smart sprinkler controllers save the day. These gadgets use Wi-Fi and sensors to cut back water usage on lawns by anywhere from 30 to 50 percent.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Winter Wonderland

In Louisiana though, a lawn turned into a winter wonderland last winter, after its owner forgot to turn it off when the weather reached below zero.

“Residents in one Baton Rouge, Louisiana community woke up Thursday morning to discover someone had forgotten to turn off the automatic sprinkler system. How did they know? Because temperatures overnight had fallen below freezing – and parts of their neighbourhood, coated in sheets of ice, resembled a winter wonderland. According to WVLA News in Baton Rouge, residents of the Windermere neighbourhood were fascinated by the bizarre “ice sculptures” the sprinklers had created, and came out to take photos of the impromptu display.”

OSHA Plumbers. Check out the photos here.

In Perth, Australia a government office is under fire after it used an automated sprinkler system to deter homeless people from getting near its office.

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“A sprinkler system installed outside Perth’s King Street Arts Centre to deter homeless people seeking refuge has been turned off after Western Australia’s Department of Culture and Arts (DCA) admitted it was meant to be a mist and not a jet stream.”

Plumbing Info. Read the rest of the story here.

So how do you use your sprinkler at home?

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Why You Should Install a Bidet in Your Toilet

The Benefits of Using a Bidet


The Comfort and Luxury of having a Bidet. (Photo Credits)

It may be popular in other countries, but not all homes in the United States have it. Yes – the Bidet has not yet invaded most American homes.

Website Articles.Mercola.Com said that bidets have not been popular in the United States because of three main reasons. The most plausible theories for why Americans prefer to be sans-bidet include: History — In the 18th century, Britons had a disdain for French aristocracy (which were among the first to champion the use of bidets). When the early colonists came to America, they may have brought this sentiment with them.”

Read the rest of the reasons here.

The Luxury and Comfort it Provides

The New York Times meantime published an article in its website sharing the many comfort and luxuries that a bidet can provide.

“The seats, which range in price from about $250 to more than $1,700, are attachments for your toilet with at least two basic functions, and, depending on the model, a wide array of more luxurious extras. The basic features are warming your bottom, and then cleaning it with warmed water. The more luxurious appointments try to recreate something like an opulent spa. Some seats will dry your bottom with warmed air, sort of like being pushed through a carwash. Some use a fan and a catalytic converter to suck out the gases in the bowl, apparently removing any odors. Some sense when you’re approaching the toilet and spray a fine mist in the bowl, prelubricating it to aid with flushing. Many of the seats, as you might expect, offer a remote control to operate the spraying and other functions”

Air Conditioning. Read the rest of the article here.

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Over at Youtube, Buzzfeed’s channel shared videos of people who are using a bidet for the first time.

Plumbing Info. Check out the video here.

Does your toilet have one?

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Amazingly Unique Sink Designs

Sinks Can be a Focal Point too

dangerous women's sink

Decorative and Modern Sinks. Photo Credits

Sinks are not just functional pieces in a home. They could be decorative too, and could become the focal point of either the kitchen or the bathroom.

Design website ArchitectureDesign.Net featured 20 extraordinary-looking sinks that do more than just catch water. “The domestic sink can take on many different forms, from a traditional round bowl basin to a sharp-edged shallow twin user trough. Basins come in all manners of finishes, colors and sizes, but we wanted to delve deeper into the world of super sinks to see if we could uncover something really extraordinary.”

Take a look at the designs here.

Bizarre, yet Wonderful Designs

Top Inspirations.Com also featured wonderful-looking sinks. Some come with led lighting, some look like melting ice, others minimalist design, and some even come with an aquarium.OSHA Plumbers

“The bathroom sink is no longer just a simple basin for washing our hands, it has become a style statement and designers all over the world come up with amazing ideas for them all the time. It’s no longer enough for it to just serve its purpose, it has to be modern and fancy and go well with the design of our bathroom. We want it to be beautiful to look at, unique and interesting. Luckily, today it’s very easy to turn our wishes into reality and get the perfect bathroom we always wanted.”

Check out the unique sinks here.

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If you would prefer a stainless sink for your home then it will stand out further if you keep it shiny and clean.Plumbing Info
Website Apartment Therapy.Com shared a simple way to keep stainless steel sinks shiny. “Stainless Steel sinks always seem to deceive you. Their name suggests a sink that will take care of itself, but that’s rarely the case. Take clean to a whole new level when you have a few extra seconds to give your sink a bit of TLC.”

Read the step-by-step instructions here.

So what type of sink do you have at home?

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Amazing Plumber Stories

Why you should consider plumbing as a career

SOS Plumber

This is the job that could bring in steady income for the family. Photo Credits

The Plumbing Profession is slowly becoming one of the most practical career a skilled individual may want to pursue.

In its website CNN Money quoted Billionaire and Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg encouraging high school graduates to pursue instead a profession like plumbing.

“The former mayor claimed that such careers are more important now than ever as technology has made it so middle class professions don’t pay like they used to. He believes that’s why the latest labor statistics show that wages remain stagnant even as employment has gone up.”

Read more here.

Millionaire Plumber

This plumber however may not have to work so much for a bright future. Yahoo News has reported about this New York Plumber who won the state Power Ball worth $136 Million.

“A New York plumber and his son are multimillionaires after sitting on a winning Powerball ticket because they thought the jackpot had been won by a teacher. Anthony Perosi of Staten Island says he was on his way to do an inspection March 14 when he stopped at the 7-Eleven where he always buys lottery tickets when he is in the area. Perosi, 56, was at a bar a week later when another patron said the winning Powerball ticket had been won at that same 7-Eleven. The bartender, he says, told him it was a teacher who had won the $136 million jackpot.”

Read the rest of the awesome story here.

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Plumbing Association. Another amazing but weird plumber story is about this Texan Plumber whose service truck was used in the bloody war in Syria.

Fox News uploaded in its website the report on how the extrimists have been using the plumber’s truck in their attacks in the said country. “An extremist group, Ansar al-Deen Front, posted the photo of its fighters aboard the Ford F-250 sometime on Monday. That prompted a flood of calls to Mark Oberholtzer, who owns Mark-1 Plumbing in Texas City, and has nothing to do with Syria’s bloody civil war…Oberholtzer told the paper that he traded in the truck three years ago. The Houston dealership he turned it over to, AutoNation, told that the truck was auctioned and was likely traded from owner to owner over the course of three years.”

Check out the video here.

Do you have any interesting stories about the plumbers that you know?

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