Thursday, April 2, 2015

Arkansas Guy's Renal Failure Came from Too Much Iced Tea

New York - Several possible causes were eliminated by them before stumbling on a basis for the 56-year old guy's kidney troubles. He explained he drank about 16 8-oz cups of ice tea daily. Tea includes a substance known to cause kidney stones as well as renal failure in excessive quantities.

The unknown man went to the hospital with tiredness, weakness, nausea and body pains. Physicians discovered the the foodstuff substance called oxalate terribly cloged and inflamed his kidneys. The guy is for the remainder of his existence, possibly on dialysis, Ghaffar stated.

In rare instances, an excessive amount of oxalate may lead to kidney problems, but frequently there is additionally an intestinal issue that is leading. That did not appear to be the situation for the Arkansas guy, and he'd no personal or family history of kidney illness.

This article first appeared in Fox News.

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